Founder and CEO’s Story:

17 years ago, I left my family and hometown, gave up my civil service job and started on the path to create Jinneng Science and Technology Company.

Wanting to enhance the traditional Chinese coal industry, we decided to establish a specialized chemical prodution chain.  Using coal as our raw material and the goal of creating green technology and methods of production as our goals, we began.

Even now, memories of days as a young entrepreneur are still vivid in my mind: a lack of funds and an inexperienced team combined with passion, energy and courage.  After working 24-7 for 180 days, we created the prototype for our chemical company.

From the beginning of our first product, a kind of pharmaceutical intermediate called Para-Cresol, we faced intense competition coupled with the Asian financial crisis.  Despite these challenges, we exceeded our orignal capacity goals through construction, innovation and inceased production.  Within 3 years, we had became a contender in the chemical processing industry.

Over the past 17 years, from the producion of fine chemicals to coal-based chemicals, from a single product to 24, and after the baptism of the global economic crisis in 2008, Jinneng has expanded and improved.  After all of the trials and tribulations, and thanks to our customers and staff, our plant is still thriving in our original location, near the old Yellow River.

Business Philosophy:

I advocate justice. Our fight lasted four years, but we finally won a lawsuit related to anti-dumping of our first product - paracresol.  This was the first time a Chinese company had ever won an anti-dumping case in the chemical industry since China's entrance into the WTO.

I am eager to go green. We shut down our coke production line of 600,000 tons/year, reducing our annual emissions of 74 tons of sulfur dioxide, 209 tons of nitrogen oxide, and 169 tons of soot dust. We also constructed a municipal waste-water treatment plant with the ability to treat 360 million cubic meters of sewage, thereby reducing 1642 tons of COD and 128 tons of ammonia emissions per year. Entering our grounds, you can see natural scenery year round, like flowers in full bloom, green trees and various plants and vegetables, which contribute to a harmonious garden-style factory environment.

I am focused on innovation. As a company, we encourage and reward creativity, applying new product testing and production in our national laboratory and provincial technical center.  We were the first to cooperate with an American solar company, introducing turbines to generate electricity using coke gas and creating a way to combine heat and power.  This process was able to increase efficiency by 2.3 times, compared with traditional techniques and equipment performance, and reduce annual emissions by 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide.  We have also obtained 22 national patents as a result of our creativity and innovation.  

I abide by honesty. Honesty is the foundation of our company:  we treat our partners honestly, supplying them with excellent products, premium service, and safe distribution. In this way, our consumers have a trusted brand. We insist on win-win situations with our customers, suppliers and all other parties.

Nothing in the world can make you happier than realizing your dreams and having faith in your abilities.  At Jinneng, maintaining our philosophies of justice, environmental awareness, innovation and honesty are always at the forefront of our business decisions.  

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