Our Vision
Our aim is to build a sustainable, dependable and innovative company, to develop environmentally-friendly processing techniques and to become an international leader in the chemical processing industry.

Supporting Goals
● To reach $10 billion in sales revenue by 2015
● To rank in the Top 100 Chinese Chemical Companies within the next 5 years
● To maintain our status as one of the best Coal Chemical and Fine Chemical Industry Leaders
● To preserve and enhance our "Green Processing = Low Emissions" image
● To continue our creative research and development work on circular economy solutions
● To share the benefits of our success with our employees - enhancing happiness

Our Values
At Jenneng, we believe that "the creative power generated from the human spirit is endless". This means that when we focus daily on our core values of Integrity, Tolerance, Dedication and Innovation, we will have unlimited energy individually and as a team. That way, our inspiring, industrious and diligent work can benefit our customers, shareholders, employees and the community at large.

In order to accomplish our mission, we focus on the following values:
1.Our service philosophy is: demand may be limited but service is infinite.
2.We aim to protect the environment and to continually develop methods and products that support our “green processing = low emissions” goals.
3.Our safety goals include educating employees about personal protective equipment, and continually reviewing and updating our safety procedures and production methods.
4.In terms of our development strategy, we focus on specialization.
5.We strive to develop a prominent brand name and to build a reputation that is based on quality.
6.Our business philosophy is to always be honest, and to create win-win situations.
7.In terms of the domestic and international markets, we are prepared for unexpected      fluctuations and have exigency plans put in place.
8.We manage our staff with a philosophy that respects our employees while also enforcing company-wide regulations.
9.A goal of our Human Resource Department is to stress competitiveness and to utilize the full extent of our employees’ skills and experience.
10.We promote lifelong learning in our Training Department and encourage further education.
11.Quality control goals include maintaining standards and stability across product lines.

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