1.Advantages of Utilizing a Circular Economy

In order to produce coal chemical products and fine chemical products in an efficient, green and profitable manner, we have created a unique industrial chain of circular economy, which utilizes energy and raw materials in a comprehensive way. During the manufacturing process, we must integrate market demand, as well as a balanced use of energy and raw materials, when making production decisions.  In addition, our efficient production process and the launch of new products and production lines have increased the bottom line and will continue to improve profits in the future.

2.Circular Economy
Jinneng has constructed an innovative circular industrial chain that integrates restorative methods for the production of coal chemical products and fine chemical products.  Our green approach utilizes renewable energy produced in-house, as a by-product of the coking process. In addtion, we also aim to eliminate waste by producing superior products and utilizing unsurpassed methods and business models.   Furthermore, we formulate our production output according to the actual market demand for each product, while also monitoring the total amount of energy and raw material used in reference to supply and demand.  In this way, we can profit from the cost benefits of a recycling economy, achieve resource utilization and maximize resource utilization value, devoting ourselves to increasing profit through continuously improving the efficiency of our resource allocation.

3. Product Mix Development and Cross-Promotion
Jinneng will focus on both coke production and chemical refinement, while adhering to a product mix development pattern and continuously improving and adjusting all aspects of the product structure.  In this way, we will be able to cross-promote and to improve sales revenue from our fine chemical product lines.  Based on existing market demands, Jinneng is currently increasing our production capacity, developing new technological approaches and equipment and expanding our product offerings.

4.Innovative Research and Development

Our professional R&D team is capable of producing leading industrial technology. In order to maintain this level of innovation, we will continue to invest in Research and Development and to supplement our current team with international engineers and subject matter experts.

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