Circular Economy

Jinneng Science and Technology Company, Limited is an energy-focused, high-tech industrial enterprise that offers environmentally sound coal processing.  Over the years, the company has always insisted on the resource efficient, low-carbon green cycle development concept.  Our goal is to integrate the coal chemical and fine chemical industries, innovate a differentiated industry model, create a unique "3 + 3" circular economy industry chain, and form an excellent model for improving industry processes.

"3 + 3" circular economy industry chain mainly includes three circular economy modes and three product chains.

Three circular economy modes refer to:

Coking - Chemical production - Deep processing of Coal Tar - Carbon black production - Tail gas re-coking

Coking -Chemical production - Gas turbine power generation - Steam turbine cogeneration

Coking -Chemical production - Coke oven gas - Methanol production - Speed deflated gas re-coking

Three major product chains include:

Coking- Chemical production - Benzene hydrogenation - Para Cresol

Coking - chemical production - Sodium silicate - Silica

Coking - chemical production - Croton aldehyde - Sorbic acid - Potassium sorbate

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