Jinneng differentiates itself from other coal chemical manufacturers in the way we utilize resources.Our unique model of producing is composed of closed circular economy, deep processing of coal tar-production, black carbon tail gas re-coking and coke oven gas (cog) methanol purge gas re-coking-all of which utilize an efficient approach to resource use.

Our product structure is unique in that we have created multiple product chains of gas, which are used to produce our fine chemical products, blending coal chemical production and fine chemical production.

Innovative technology and equipment includes a 7-meter high top-charging coke oven.  This oven and our high technical standards are rare in the domestic industry.  Our gas turbine generates heat and power at the same time by using the coke oven gas, and regenerating this heat and power through gas recycling. Our Sorbic Acid and Ding Xiquan production processes received national invention patents. The granulating device for processing spherical potassium sorbate also won a national utility model patent.  Besides,the production technology and equipment of deep processing of coal tar, carbon black and white carbon black reached an advanced level in the domestic market.

Our minimal environmental impact includes reduced carbon dioxide emissionsthrough cogeneration, equaling a reduction of about 600,000 tons annually.  This is equal to the emission of 99,000 vehicles a year or to the quantity of oxygen produced by 49,000 hectares (5 billion sq. ft) of forest. We use economical approaches to water waste processing, treating 3,600,000 cubic meters of polluted water, reducing 1,642 tons of chemical oxygen demand (COD) emissionsla and 128 tons of ammonia nitrogen emissions annually.  With an annual production of 140,000 tons of carbon black, the circular economy model reduces 40,000 tons of carbon monoxide emissions, and 136 tons of hydrogen sulfide annually.The company also attaches great importance to having a plant that blends into the natural environment, and is now surrounded by 298.8 acres of gardens and natural landscape.  As a result, our company has been awarded “the International Cogeneration Award” by the American Energy Department and the EPA, and the “Province Class Garden Style Units” by the Shandong Construction Department in 2007.

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